The two fighters have been exchanging words for over a year now with the first idea of a fight being sparked in 2015 by the television host/comedian Conan O’Brien. With McGregor being quick to express his interest in such a fight he said he would dismantle the  now, 49-0 fighter which began the exchanges between the two. When the rumours began spreading of the possible pay days for the fighters, McGregor was not impressed with Floyds proposed figures of $7 and $100 million respectively for the fighters saying “I don’t take pay-cuts”. In January of this year Floyd made a second offer of $15 million, which quickly gained a response from UFC president Dana White. Dana offered the pair $25 million apiece which was quickly laughed off by Floyd.


Both fighters have taken to social media on countless occasions within this time frame to take shots at each other which inevitably built hype and interest for the fight between boxing and MMA fans alike. However there are numerous issues that need to be resolved before the fight happens.

Even though McGregor has made it clear that fighting Floyd will be decided on his own accord without the backing of the UFC even though he is contractually obliged to have 4 more fights with the UFC. The UFC are unlikely to stand aside when there is an opportunity to generate huge amounts of money. They also don’t want the outcome of the fight damage the reputation or marketability of their prized fighter.

Although McGregor has a boxing license in California it doesn’t automatically permit him from fighting Floyd as he has never competed, pro or amateur, in a boxing ring. Also he will need to attain a boxing license for the state of Nevada which may be slightly more difficult following the water bottle throwing incident at UFC 202 with Nate Diaz resulting in a hefty $150,000 fine and 50 hours of community service for the UFC fighter.

Finally there is the obvious problem of how much each fighter is paid. At this time both fighters are demanding no less than $100 million and with both fighters egos as big as each other’s this won’t be changing anytime soon. However if the fight sells even close to the pay-per-view figures that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight made, both fighters will be expecting a generous pay day.


My verdict is that the fight will go ahead. I am excited to see the fight but am bracing myself for a demolition in the favour of Mayweather. I can’t see one of the best boxers of all time losing to an MMA fighter. Although he is highly skilled in stand up fighting I don’t believe the cross-over will be successful for McGregor.


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